The Memorial Book for the Jewish Community of Yurburg, Lithuania: Translation and Update

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JewishGen, Incorporated, 2019-05-30 - 802 psl.
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This is the third Edition of this book. It now includes new material at the end about the new Synagogue Square Memorial (July 2019) and renovations at the Yurburg Jewish Cemetery.

English translation of the Memorial Book for the Jewish Community of Yurburg, Lithuania. Contains the history of this vibrant community from before the Holocaust, eye-witness accounts of the Shoah, as told by its former residents.

Yurburg is situated on the shores of the Nieman River, near the border of Germany. Traces of the neighboring German culture were evident in the style of houses and in the mode of life of its residents. Yurburg was an important commercial and communication center due to its geographical location.

The life style of this Jewish community was filled with vibrant social and spiritual activities. There were two parks in Yurburg. One of them was called "Tel Aviv" where the Hebrew high school named Herzl was located. The community supported public organizations for aiding the indigent. There were active political parties, primarily Zionist and Zionist youth organizations. The old synagogue was distinguished by its artistic woodcarvings.

Jews lived happily in Yurburg. Then one day, in June 1941, the Nazi armed forces invaded the town. Within the next three months the Nazis and their Lithuanian helpers tortured, murdered and destroyed what was a vibrant Jewish community.

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